Additional Information

Travel Ball and our Practice Clinics are ran at the same time, and therefore are the same price. Please understand that Athletes only participating in Practice Clinics have a flat fee of $100.00 which include all practices. 

All Payments are Due the first Practice of each month.

Travel Ball program participants also pay the same $100.00 but are also required to purchase an AND1 reversible team Travel Ball Game Jersey for a one time fee of $40.00.  

Additionally tournaments vary in pricing and the costs are divided among the players participating from each team. Tournament Fees are due 3 days before the scheduled event via cash payment, $Cashapp or, Zelle. 

Therefor our monthly average cost for Travel Ball NOT INCLUDING THE REVERSIBLE AND1 JERSEY is around $150.00

-Please note that Travel Ball Practice Clinics DO NOT include tournament fees  

-All athletes/participants must enroll with the AAU in order to practice and be insured in case of an emergency. Club code is  WY7FEY 

Payments can be made through two different options

1. Cash - payments are due at the beginning of practice 

2. PayPal and or Debit/Credit payments can be payed online with the use of our "Buy Now" button. Or can also be payed through $CashApp or Zelle 

All PayPal and/or debit/Credit payments incur a $3.00 processing fee 

Sorry, No Checks 

All month sessions must be payed online in advance or at the start of the first practice clinic 

Clinic Fees